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Apply for a flat

Are your studies beginning, or are you already studying, at a university or polytechnic? Then you may be offered accommodation in Lärkan. Students at Åbo Akademi have first priority to the apartments, thereafter apartments are rented to students in other schools.

Application schedule:
First-year students, whose studies begin in August; application period is June the 15th until the 31st of July (15.6-31.7.2016). Applications are processed in July. The lease for the first-year students begins the 1st of August (1.8).

Those seeking apartment from 1st September (1.9), can send their applications during the summer and apartment offers are sent by e-mail in August.

During rest of the year, all students can apply and will be offered accommodation accordingly to the queuing situation.

Remember to fill “other requests” if you, for example, want to share an apartment with someone (name of person), requests regarding apartment/building (Lärkan I or Lärkan II), allergies, need of parking, etc.

The application is valid for three months and must be renewed either by submitting a new application or sending us an e-mail about the extension.




Current address

Postal code



Telephone number

Date of birth



Estimated examination year

Preferred rental time

Type of apartment

Preferences or requests

A rental deposit of 350 Euros is to be paid before the key can be received from Realia Isännöinti office, against showing the receipt.

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