Live close to school & the city in Vaasa!


Here you can find useful information for tenants in Lärkan, e.g. contact information, housing rules, how to terminate the rental lease etc.

Contact Realia Isännöintis’ office concerning matters about rental lease, invoices and payments, keys, parking, notification about disturbance of the housing rules etc.
phone +35810 2288100, e-mail:

Are you having trouble with internet access?
Contact the internet provider Elisa and make a malfunction notification. They will check the problem and give you more info.

Is the water tap or drainpipe leaking, is the water sinking too slowly down the drain or is there a total stop in it?
These things should be notified to the maintenance company as soon as possible to prevent bigger damage. Notify the maintenance company, Vaasan Talopalvelu Oy, about the problem so they can fix it.