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Here you can find useful information for tenants in Lärkan, e.g. contact information, housing rules, how to terminate the rental lease etc.

Contact Retta Isännöintis’ office concerning matters about rental lease, invoices and payments, keys, parking, notification about disturbance of the housing rules etc.
phone +35810 2288100, e-mail:

Are you having trouble with internet access?
Contact the internet provider DNA and make a malfunction notification. They will check the problem and give you more info.

Is the water tap or drainpipe leaking, is the water sinking too slowly down the drain or is there a total stop in it?
These things should be notified to the maintenance company as soon as possible to prevent bigger damage. Notify the maintenance company, Vaasan Talopalvelu Oy, about the problem so they can fix it.





Lärkan lets out flats to students in accordance with the foundation’s ordinance, meaning that students studying at Swedish-speaking higher education institutes have priority. Of these students, teacher-students have priority over other students. The applications must be submitted according to the following schedule: first-year students can apply for flats for the coming autumn between 6 June–31 July. Other students can apply for flats during the remainder of the year. The application is valid for three months, whereafter the application must be renewed by sending in a new application or by informing Retta’s customer service of the wish to prolong the application.


The rental contract must be signed before moving into the flat. The contract can either be made as an indefinite contract (i.e. until further notice) or as a fixed-term contract (e.g. a three-month contract). The contract enters into force on the first day of the month. Our rental contracts are usually indefinite contracts because the tenant may not have planned the moving out date. The term of notice is one calendar month, so if a tenant moves out on the last day of May, a written letter of cancellation must be delivered to Retta’s office in April. Fixed-term contracts cannot be terminated; instead, the tenant must pay the rent for the agreed fixed period. Unless otherwise specified, the rental contract is always made as an indefinite contract. The contract and rental rate are bound to the property maintenance cost index.


Lärkan’s rent security deposit of 350 € is the same for all tenants, regardless of the type of apartment.
The fee is seen as the flat’s reservation fee and it must be paid by the invoice’s due date. The tenant cannot receive the flat keys before the rent security deposit is paid. The deposit sum will be held on Lärkan’s guarantee account for the duration of the tenancy, whereafter it is refunded to the tenant in its entirety, provided that the apartment is in good condition and properly cleaned, the keys have been returned, and all the rental payments have been paid by the end of the tenancy. The guarantee sum will be refunded approx. 2–6 weeks after the end of the tenancy.


The rent’s due date is always the fifth (5) of every month. The rental invoice’s period of validity is writ-ten on the invoice, and the reference number remains the same for the duration of the rental contract. The payments can also be made as e-invoices or direct debit payments. Contact your landlord for more in-formation regarding these payment methods.
The rent is reviewed once a year and possible rent increases are implemented in January. Lärkan follows the index for the maintenance costs of the proper-ties. Notifications regarding possible rent increases and new invoices are sent to the tenant via post in December at the latest.



Keys can be returned/collected from Retta’s office during its opening hours; Mon–Fri between 10.00–16.00.

The tenant is responsible for the keys after checking them out. If the keys are misplaced, the recoding is done at the tenant’s expense.

If the tenants have locked themselves out, the building maintenance services can also be called to open locked doors at a cost.



Lärkan’s shared flats are rented furnished. The furniture consists of a bed (80x200cm), writing desk and chair, armchair and bookshelf. Mattresses are also available, but the tenants are recommended to bring their own mattresses, if possible.

The furniture in shared flats is free of charge. If the tenant wants to bring own furniture, taking them away and bringing them back at the end of tenancy is invoiced according to the building maintenance service’s price list (if you are interested, ask them directly).



In Lärkan’s shared flats, electricity is included in the rent.
In the one-room and two-room flats, the tenants must pay for the electricity themselves. Remember to notify the electricity supplier in good time of your move. Lärkan uses Vaasan Sähkö Oy as a supplier. Tenants that pay for their electricity themselves can choose their own electricity supplier.



Water consumption is included in the rent.



The flats are connected to DNA cable-TV network. The subscription charge of the connection is included in the rent. Your TV must be able to receive cable-TV signals if you want to watch it. Contact DNA if you wish to subscribe to more channels than what are included in the basic supply.

The Internet connection is also included in the rent. In order to utilize the connection, a network cable must be connected to the computer. There is no WI-FI in the buildings. If the tenants want to use WI-FI in their flats, they must purchase the necessary devices themselves. Contact DNA if you want to increase the transmission capacity. The capacity is 10M in 2022.

Any notice of defect regarding the Internet and cable-TV should be sent directly to DNA. They will investigate the fault and guide you forwards depending on where the fault lies. Remember to give your contact information to the company in case their service staff must check if the fault lies in your flat. Contact the building maintenance services or the House Manager in case the fault is not caused by the computer or devices.

Contact details: DNA, tel. 044 144 044,
www. Notice of defect: Call DNA’s defect notification service, tel. 044 144 044 or



Both properties are equipped with laundry rooms on the bottom floors. Use the reservation list on your building’s bulletin board. All tenants are allowed to use the laundry rooms in their own buildings.

There are also two sauna compartments on the bottom floor of Lärkan I. The reservation lists are on the bulletin boards. The sauna compartments can be freely used by all tenants from both buildings.



Both buildings have storage facilities for bicycles and outdoor equipment. If there are vacant storage spaces, the tenants can use these to store their belongings. Tenants are responsible for their own stored belongings. Put a padlock on your storage space door and remember to take all your belongings with you when moving out of Lärkan.



Lärkan has a supervised parking lot. If you own a car, remember to check where you are allowed to park it. Lärkan has 36 affordable parking spaces with winter heating posts. There is a queuing system for the spaces. Contact Retta’s customer service if you are in need of a parking space. The parking space fee is invoiced in connection with the flat rent and with the same reference number. All tenants who rent parking spaces receive a parking card that must be visible in the car. The parking attendant has the right to issue a fine if the parking card is not visible.

Contact the parking control firm directly regarding parking fines or if someone else has parked in your space.

Parking control firm:
Pysäköintiturva, tel. 010 325 2160 (finnish) or via e-mail:



Please sort and dispose of your waste appropriately. Waste bins are located next to the parking lot. Do not litter these areas, and follow the valid sorting instructions. Flatten e.g. cardboard boxes and milk cartons in order to save space. Sorting instructions can be found in Lärkan’s staircases and next to the waste bins. You can also check the instructions at Stormossen’s website (

The house is not responsible for transporting furniture or other abnormal objects not belonging to the waste bins to the garbage dump. The tenants must see to that these objects are transported to their appropriate sorting places.



Pets are welcome to the flats as long as they are looked after and do not disturb the other inhabitants or cause damage to the flats. The pets should be kept on a leash outside and they must not dirty the buildings or the surroundings. There are several recreational areas near Lärkan where pets can be walked.



In order to guarantee the inhabitants’ comfort and to uphold order, all tenants must show consideration to other inhabitants with their behavior and in other ways.
• The outer doors must always be kept locked.
• Loud activities must be avoided in public spaces.
• Smoking is prohibited indoors. There are places reserved for smoking outdoors.
• Please be neat and considerate when using common spaces and outdoor areas.
• Due to fire safety reasons, all belongings must be stored in their appointed storage facilities.
• Carpets and bedclothes can be dusted only in their proper dusting places. Clothes and other household textiles can be aired inside the balcony.



Remember to sign home insurance so that your belongings are insured in case of an accident. The properties are insured only in terms of the buildings; in other words, any personal belongings are not insured.

It is up to everyone to make sure that no unauthorized persons receive access to the buildings. Always make sure that the doors are locked behind you. Do not let any outsiders into the buildings.
The most effective way to maintain security and minimize the risk of thefts and burglaries is to prevent outsiders from accessing the houses. Security is maintained by observant and careful behavior.



The more people travel, the faster various pests spread in the houses. Regular pest controls are per-formed at Lärkan with the help of dogs. The tenants will be informed in writing of the dates of these controls and of the preliminary measures needed in order to complete them. For more information, contact the House Manager or Anticimex pest control.



• Show consideration to your neighbors and avoid loud activities. Nighttime silence must be observed especially between 22.00–07.00.
If you cannot avoid loud activities, please in-form your neighbors in advance. If your neighbors disturb you with noisy parties or music, ask them to turn down the music.
• Smoking is prohibited in the flats.
• Waste and other objects that can cause damage or blockages are not allowed to be flushed down the toilet or sewer.
• You are not allowed to prepare food on the balcony if it causes a fire hazard or damages/disturbances to the surroundings.
• The balconies must be kept clean. In the winter, snow must be removed from the balcony, if necessary.
• The flats must not be aired towards the staircase.
• Always inform the house representative when you are moving in/out.



Vaasan Talopalvelu Oy answers for the building maintenance services and cleaning.

Vaasan Talopalvelu Oy
phone: 06 318 4100, on-duty staff 0500 562 450

Vaasan Talopalvelu Oy’s tasks:
• register and fix any observed deficiencies in the flats or properties.
• open locked doors (at a service cost).
• urgent repairs, e.g. water leakages and sewer blockages.
• other tasks specified in the contract and in accordance with the maintenance manual as well as public services, the upkeep of outdoor areas and cleaning.



The tenant must regularly take care of (fix), among others, the things mentioned below.
Regular cleaning and maintenance measures can prevent water damages, improve room air, and pre-vent possible indoor air problems.

Vacuum and clean the floors, wipe the dust and air the flat properly every week. Inform the landlord or the building maintenance services if window or door seals need to be changed.
The tenants are expected to replace lamps and batteries themselves.


Bathroom (sauna):
– Clean the floor drain once a week by taking away the drain cover and removing any hair and other rubbish from the drain and the cover. Use e.g. an old dish brush.
– The bathroom sink’s drain trap must be cleaned e.g. once a month. Use a regular drain cleaning detergent or remove the drain trap’s lower part from the sink and wash the pipe.
– Thoroughly clean and wash the bathroom and sauna floors. Check the joints and caulkings of the plastic carpet/clinker. The caulkings and joints should be whole. The floors must be undamaged.
– Clean the ventilation system’s air intake. Remove the vent’s middle part and frame simultaneously from the screws.
– After going to the sauna, let the sauna remain warm for circa 30 minutes in order for the space to dry. Open the steam room’s roof vent after going to the sauna.
– Wipe the water from the shower and sauna floors with e.g. a scraper.
– The silicone caulkings in the wall corners must be intact. If the caulkings are loose or you are unable to clean them, inform the building maintenance services so that they can fix the deficiencies.

– The kitchen hood’s grease filter must be kept clean in order to guarantee sufficient exhaust air ventilation. Remove the grease filter. Wash it using warm water and a detergent or wash it in the dishwasher at least 1–2 times a month.
How to remove the grease filter:
• Turn open the quick-hitches on the hood’s lower plate.
• Turn the plate downwards.
• Remove the grease filter from its holder.
Wash the filter and let it dry. Put it back.
– Regularly clean the cooking stove and oven. Remember also to clean under and behind the stove.
– Keep the fridge fresh. Defrost it when necessary. Remember to clean even underneath and above the fridge.
– Check the drain board’s drain fittings located under the board. The fittings, the floor and the shelves inside the board should not be damp. Wash the trashcans.
– Check the condition of the water pipe fittings and inform the building maintenance services if the fit-tings leak from the seals.
– Check that the silicone lists are in place and that no water is leaking through the joints.

– Air you flat once a week e.g. in connection to your regular cleaning so that the room air remains fresh. Check that the mesh in the ventilating windows is not broken or obstructed by dust/rubbish. Vacuum the mesh.
– The fresh air vents are located above the windows in Lärkan I (Vöyrinkatu 4). The vents should be open for the ventilation to work properly.
– Do not dry your clothes in your flat. Instead, use the laundry room’s drying room or your balcony.

– Check that the radiator thermostat works. If the radiator is cold, try rotating the thermostat back and forth for it to start working. If the radiator remains cold, contact the building maintenance services.

– If you keep pets in the flat, make sure that you e.g. change the kitty litter or clean the rodent cages regularly. The staircase or yard cannot be used for the walking of pets.



The term of notice of indefinite contracts is one calendar month. In other words, if the tenant moves out in June, the termination notification must be delivered by the end of May in order for the rental contract to cease by the end of June. The cancellation notification must always be done in writing using a separate form. The form can be  filled at Lärkan’s website.



Fixed-term contracts cease automatically on the agreed date. If the tenants want to prolong the contract, they must contact the office in good time (circa a month before) because the flats may already be reserved for other tenants.



Contact Retta’s office if you find yourself in need of changing flats in Lärkan. You can also send an application via Lärkan’s website and inform the foundation of why you want to change flats.
A change of flats is possible as long as there are available apartments.


The inhabitants will be notified of any information concerning them. Follow the bulletin board and your mail/e-mail for any newsletters.
Notifications are also displayed on Lärkan’s website.
In addition, Lärkan has a Facebook page. However, the page is not maintained by the landlord, but it is used frequently and worth following.

open Facebook group: Lärkan, Vaasa

The following things must be taken into account in the final cleaning:

Flat in general:
– The flat (and balcony) must be completely emptied of all personal belongings.
– Vacuum and wipe the floors, remove any possible stains.
– Thoroughly wipe all doors and doorframes, walls, closets, shelves, drawers, handles etc. Remove all stains.
– Clean the ventilation valves.

– Clean the cooking stove and oven. Remember also to clean around, under and behind the stove.
– Wash the baking trays and grills.
– Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer.
o be careful not to let water run onto the floor.
o leave the doors open and turn off the electricity (preferably pull the power plugs).
– Tidy up the cooker/kitchen hood.
– Clean the drain board.
– Wash the trashcans and clean the cupboards.
– Wipe the closets, shelves and surfaces in and out.

Bathroom (sauna):
– Clean the floor drain. Wash the toilet and sink.
– Wipe the mirror and other surfaces.
– Wipe the walls and floors.

Remember also:
– If you have installed your own dishwasher in the flat, remember to put the cupboard into its original condition when moving out. Also ensure that no water damages arise by closing all water and sewer connections (more information from the building maintenance services).
– Leave the lighting sockets as they should be; no loose wires, removed covers etc.
– The fire alarms must be functional.
– Leave possible manuals in the flat.
– Remove your own furniture and kitchenware e.g. to the garbage dump or the appropriate recycling points. You can find the addresses online.