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Summer Rent and Subletting

The spring is here and many are now planning their summer jobs and living arrangements for the summertime.

The board has decided to make it a little easier for the tenants financially and practically during summertime for those who do not use their apartments regularly during the summer.

Summer rent

The keys are submitted for the summer and July is rent free

For all the tenants who have a lease that is valid until further notice can use this summer rent option if the apartment is empty during the summer. The keys will be submitted to Retta Isännöinti Oy for the summer and July will then be rent free.

If you want to leave your apartment keys to the landlord for the summer (minimum June and July), you have to notify Retta Isännöinti Oy by e-mail before the 15th of May (15.5). The keys are submitted to the office at the latest the first weekday in June, and the keys can be picked up the first weekday in August at the earliest. In this case will the rent for July not be charged and you will pay normal rent in June and August.

When the keys are submitted to Retta Isännöinti Oy:s office, you will sign an agreement about the summer rent. You won’t be able to pick up the keys at any other time than agreed. When you pick up the keys you should bring your lease and the copy of the summer rent agreement with you.

Please send the notice by e-mail to if you want to make the agreement. Please also mention the approximate date that you will pick up the keys in August. The keys can be submitted/picked up during the office opening hours, Monday-Thursday 10-16, Friday 10-14.

Subletting your apartment

As before, the tenants can sublet their apartments to a third part for the summer or a short period of time (max one semester). The tenant takes care of secondary agreement and is responsible for the rent payments. If the apartment is rented to third part, this should also be notified to Retta Isännöinti Oy. The landlord needs to know who lives in the apartment, contact details, and for what time period you have made the lease. Notify about it by e-mail to

Also remember to inform your tenant about the rules in Lärkan and remember that home insurance should be signed even though they live temporarily in the apartment.

It is also important that those who are living in Lärkan remember that the most effective way to improve safety and prevent outsiders to not enter the buildings (and thus also reduce the risk of burglary) is that every resident raises its own attention and accuracy. Make sure that the doors are locked after using, and people without jurisdiction shouldn’t get into the stairwells.

Notify the managing service in case you wish to report abnormal movements in the houses.
For those who plan to move from the apartment before the summer, remember that there is one calendar months’ period of notice.