Live close to school & the city in Vaasa!


In order to guarantee the inhabitants’ comfort and to uphold order, all tenants must show consideration to other inhabitants with their behavior and in other ways.


  • The outer doors must always be kept locked.
  • Loud activities must be avoided in public spaces.
  • Smoking is prohibited indoors. There are places reserved for smoking outdoors.
  • Please be neat and considerate when using common spaces and outdoor areas.
  • Due to fire safety reasons, all belongings must be stored in their appointed storage facilities.
  • Carpets and bedclothes can be dusted only in their proper dusting places. Clothes and other household textiles can be aired inside the balcony.


  • Show consideration to your neighbors and avoid loud activities. Nighttime silence must be observed especially between 22.00–07.00.
  • If you cannot avoid loud activities, please inform your neighbors in advance. If your neighbors disturb you with noisy parties or music, ask them to turn down the music.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the flats.
  • Waste and other objects that can cause damage or blockages are not allowed to be flushed down the toilet or sewer.
  • You are not allowed to prepare food on the balcony if it causes a fire hazard or damages/disturbances to the surroundings.
  • The balconies must be kept clean. In the winter, snow must be removed from the balcony, if necessary.
  • The flats must not be aired towards the staircase.
  • Always inform the house representative when you are moving in/out.

Notify the House Manager of repeated disturbances. All complaints will be handled confidentially. Repeated rule violations may lead to the cancellation of the rental contract.