Asu lähellä koulua & keskustaa Vaasassa!

Usein kysyttyä

Do I need a home insurance – To receive the keys you need to present a valid Finnish home insurance. The insurance also needs to mention that it covers the damage in the address in Lärkan where you will be living. If you do not already have an insurance, book an appointment with OP (Vaasan Osuuspankki local bank/insurance company) before you arrive and arrange the insurance with them. Bring means of payment and proof of your identification with you to the meeting with them.

Where do I return the keys? – Sign the keys of at the Realia office. Failing to do so results to one month’s extra rent.

Something broken? -> Contact Talopalvelu

Can I get a faster internet? -> Yes, contact DNA customer service

I have lost my keys -> contact the property manager (Realia)

I have locked myself in -> Contact Talopalvelu to let you in

I have used the black key to open an iLoQ lock and my key is stuck -> Contact LukkoVaasa

I do not have a ceiling lamp -> Lamp or light bulb are not included in the price

My fire alarm makes sounds -> If there is not smoke or flames anywhere to be seen, it is a case of low battery charge. Changing the batteries is your responsibility as a tenant

Can I make holes to the walls? -> No

When do I get my deposit back -> In a month’s time after your contract has ended

Electricity contract (not shared apartments) -> Do it online in advance. We suggest using Vaasan Sähkö.

I am here for a short time. Can I pay all my rents at once? – Yes

Is there a different reference number for rent and deposit? -> Yes

Where to get furniture? – Try SPR or JYSK. We also have many flea markets (google kirpputori or loppis)

I have a shared a apartment and my bed doesn’t not have a mattress -> Contact Talopalvelu