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2 rooms + kitchen closet

2 rooms + kitchen closet


2 rooms + kitchen closet + balcony

2 rooms + kitchen closet + balcony


Retta isännöinti: Christmas and New year’s opening hours

23.12.2021 we close at 13.00

24.12.2021 closed

27-30.12.2021 open

31.12.2021 we close at 14.00

6.1.2022 closed


Returning keys

When your contract ends, the keys must be returned to Retta isännöinti. If the keys are not returned according to these instructions, the charge is 101,05€.

During our opening hours (Monday-Friday 10-16) the keys can be returned to the customer service in Rantalinna.

Outside our opening hours please use our back door’s letterbox. Return the keys in an ENVELOPE that states RETTA and your flat number in Lärkan.



We are moving. Our office is closed 21.-22.10.2021. We will be available again 25.10.2021 in our new address at Rantalinna, Rantakatu, 65100 Vaasa.


Lärkan’s webpage has been updated

Lärkan’s webpage has been updated. Forms for cancelling the apartment and moving in are now interactive.

Thank you for the year 2020!


Shortened opening times during weeks 42 and 43

We have shortened opening times during weeks 42 and 43 due to training. Our opening times can be found on our website. You can also be in touch with the maintenance company Vaasan Talopalvelu.

Week 42

12.10. 13-16

13.10. 13-16

14.10. 13-16

15.10. 13-16


Week 43

20.10. 13-16

22.10. 13-16

23.10. 13-16


To prevent corona virus from spreading we hope that our office will not be visited. If you wish to return keys or bring us documents, you can leave them to our mailbox in Kvartsikatu 2. If you wish to see us or receive keys, please be in touch with our customer service.



Available flats at Lärkan


Have a look at available flats at Lärkan:

Vöyrinkatu 6 as 6

Vöyrinkatu 6 as 77

Other apartments also available :). Fill in an application and we will offer you an apartment according to your needs!

best wishes,

Emmi and Kim

Svenska Lärarhögskolans Bostadsstiftelse rs

Realia Isännöinti Oy



There are available parking spaces to rent for 5,80 €/month. Please contact Realia’s customer service if you need parking, The use of the parking lot is supervised by Pysäköintiturva Oy, so you need a parking permit to use parking.


Responsive website

Our website has been updated to work better on smartphones and tablets. In the upcoming months we’re also going to update the content to give you even more useful information. Welcome!